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Get the money you deserve with help from Bonin Hanks and Associates. We are a Global debt negotiation firm with superior results and the most competitive rates in the industry. 

Breach of Contract

Many corporations lose a fortune due to unpaid debts. Stop leaving money on the table! When corporate clients decide to breach the contract and not pay their bills hire Bonin Hanks & Associates. Majority of claims resolved within the first ten days of placement, with funds sent directly to clients, no AZ clients. Bonin Hanks and Associates never handles your funds as each payment is sent directly to our clients. We bill you only after confirmation of payment.


Bonin Hanks & Associates works directly for our clients with all payments going directly to clients, never handling your funds. In the event any funds are sent to Bonin Hanks & Associates, funds will be sent directly to the client and debtor company will be informed of said transaction. Upon payment, Bonin Hanks & Associates requests remittance (payment) within 10 days of payment. 

All Funds Sent Directly to Clients

Contact us today for fast, effective debt negotiation services. If we receive payment from your clients, the funds are immediately directed back to you.

No-Risk Negotiations

We don't bill until we collect. All consultations are free.

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